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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jan 6, 2022


Hello and welcome to episode 105 on the Healthy Runner Podcast where we help you get stronger, run faster, and enjoy lifelong injury free running! 


Dr. Duane Scotti, an avid half marathoner, your running physical therapist and coach and the founder of SPARK Physical and the Healthy Runner Community does a deep dive training on one of the most important training topics in allowing you to get stronger, run faster, and enjoy lifelong injury free running!


In this episode,  

Dr. Scotti breaks down the principles of base or foundational training and how doing this properly will keep you healthy doing what you love and not ending up in the doctors or physical therapists office.  


He also shares his personal running journey 2021 reflection, take home points, and goals for 2022!


Listen to find out if you are doing the 3 main ingredients that should be incorporated into your base or foundational training period prior to jumping into full blown half marathon or marathon training cycles.  Following this episode you will know what training cycles are, different types of runs, and the best timing to incorporate base training into your yearly running goals.  


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