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Healthy Runner Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

Do you want to run the Boston Marathon one day or do you want to just learn a little bit more about this iconic race and the chasing unicorn phenomena?  

In today’s episode, Shana Miller of Stiletto Running and our very own Healthy Runner Coach Lu will share their 2022 Boston Marathon experience with you as everyday regular runners just like you and me! 


If you are a non professional runner like Shana and Lu, just got a BQ, striving for a BQ, want to run the Boston Marathon for an official charity, or just want to learn more about this amazing race (like I do) then this is the episode for you!


Shana and Coach Lu covered their personal stories of how they got to the point of toeing the line for the 126th running of the Boston marathon.  


Here is some of what we covered:

  • Previous Boston Marathon Experience
  • Tips on training leading up to Boston
  • Marathon taper tips
  • Marathon Monday pre race logistics
  • Marathon Monday race itself including strategy and weather conditions
  • Marathon Monday post race emotions, recovery, and festivities
  • Lessons learned following 1 week reflection
  • Advice given for runners running their first Boston marathon next year 
  • Misconception of training for the Boston Marathon

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