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Healthy Runner Podcast

May 11, 2023

Struggling to run up hills or want to learn more about how you can add hill training for running into your next training cycle?


Do you want to get stronger for running uphill or are wondering what muscles you should strengthen for hill training?


Elisabeth Scott is marathoner, coach, answer seeker, and owner of Running Explained and host of the Running Explained Podcast.  Elisabeth and I chat about how to implement hill training into your running.  We answer the following questions and get into so much more:


-What is hill training?

-Why would you consider adding hill training into your running workouts?

-When is the best time to start running hills in a training cycle or calendar year?

-How do you train for hill runs? 

-How do we implement this type of training?

-How do I get stronger at running uphill?

-How do I strengthen my legs for hill running?

-Misconception about hill training?


This was a value packed conversation with a coach who just recently added hill training into her personal running training for the Boston Marathon! I hope you enjoy the episode with Elisabeth who is a true professional in the running coaching and podcast community.  Most importantly, I hope you learn a thing or two that you can take into your next training cycle!


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