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Healthy Runner Podcast

May 18, 2023


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The running related questions you submitted regarding injuries, recovery, strength training, and running that you wanted to know more about are answered! 


We cover all of this and more in this episode!


- Massage guns and when to use them 

- How to manage niggles and prevent them from progressing to full blown injuries

- Joint health supplements and if they work

- Hip dysplasia and running

- Posterior tibial tendonitis and what strengthening exercises should be done for rehab

- How we manage tendon injuries and pain

- What does offseason strength and running look like

- Physical and mental tips to stay in the game when life gets complicated

- What is the longest long run you should do before your first half marathon

- Do you need to eat before doing strength training

- How to manage PMS symptoms of bloating and heavy legs while running

- Duane’s hack for better sleep

- What speed shoe can make you faster

- When to drink your sports drink or electrolytes


There are six parts of your running journey that need to be optimized so you can run strong and last long! Learn them here:


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Resources Mentioned:


Episode 168 on the Healthy Runner Podcast:

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Episode 68 on the Healthy Runner Podcast:

How to Prepare For a Half Marathon with Coach Duane 


Episode 89 on the Healthy Runner Podcast

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis 



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