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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jun 1, 2023

​​If you are an often-injured runner or if you just suffered your first injury that has put you on the sidelines after years of being a durable runner you will want to listen to this story to provide you the inspiration you need!


Stefanie Flippin is a professional ultrarunner at lululemon, coach, and surgeon specializing in lower extremity injuries and has treated hundreds of runners in her career.  Until it was her turn to be sidelined. 


We dive into the following and so much more in this conversation:


- Why did Stefanie feel “Invincible” prior to her injury

- The emotional toll of living through grief and training hard

- Warning signs that an injury was brewing

- Stefanie’s first injury in 11 years

- How Stefanie responded to the news she had a bone stress injury

- What Stefanie did during her 8 weeks of recovery without running

- What was the turning point in her recovery

- Return to running and what it felt like

- The misconception about suffering a running injury


This conversation with Stefanie was raw, vulnerable, and human!  As adult runners, we all go through low points in our life dealing with loss, feelings of regret, shame, and I hope this episode inspires you that you will come out the other side (like Stefanie did) with a newfound sense of gratitude and perspective.


I hope you enjoy listening to Stefanie’s story and apply it to your running journey


“I will always be grateful because it gave me the chance to zoom out and have humility for the fact that we’re all human, vulnerable and finite.”

-Stephanie Flippin


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