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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jun 8, 2023

Trying to grow as a runner is overwhelming!  We learn, we train,  and we put the work in but sometimes it doesn’t end with the result you were looking for.  


Trust me, I feel you and I have been there.  Quite literally, I have been there the past 7 years working at this and I just ran my fastest half marathon at age 43 which was faster than anything I did in my late 30’s!  


In this episode, I share my journey to unlocking my fastest half marathon time in 7 years.  I’ll take you through the race recap, training process, nutrition, and mindset that helped me achieve this goal.


Throughout this episode, I share tips and tricks that worked for me in hopes of inspiring and helping fellow runners achieve their goals.  I summarize 5 key takeaways and lessons learned in how I broke through this plateau in my running journey so it can help you in your running journey.  So whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting, this episode is for you!  Join me as I share how I unlocked my fastest half marathon time in 7 years.


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Resources Mentioned:


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[Download] Race Day Blueprint: 10 Tips to Crush Your Race!


Episode 160: How To Set Goals For Running with Coach Carolyn Coffin


Episode 173: Mantras and Mental Strategies with Coach Chris McClung


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