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Healthy Runner Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

Oh my… do I have a special treat for you today!!!  I have listened to about 100 of her episodes during my runs and during this episode, I had the opportunity to actually sit down and chat with the one, the only, Ali Feller!  Ali is the host of one of the leading running podcasts in the world, the Ali on the Run podcast and creator of the Ali on the Run blog.  Ali is a podcast host, blogger, freelance writer and editor, race announcer, runner, and probably most importantly a mom!  Ali is most known for asking her guests the questions people really want to know about what they were thinking when they made that move to take a lead in a race or those unusual things runners experience.


It is such an honor to talk with Ali about all things running, podcasting, and just things that we do in everyday life as runners!  We also chatted about so much more including:


  • Memories of our college days at Quinnipiac
  • Growing up as a dancer
  • How dancing has made Ali a more mentally tough and confident as a runner
  • Ali’s early training mistakes that led to injuries some hip bursitis and shin splints
  • How Ali ran a half marathon PR at age 36 after over a decade
  • Ali’s journey managing a chronic inflammatory disease and running through Crohn’s Disease
  • and...of course Celine Dion, the NYC marathon, and what’s next for Ali!

She is truly an inspiration within the running community and I know you will just love our conversation.


After tuning into this episode go ahead and subscribe to the Ali on the Run Podcast like I do so you can get her energy and positivity in your running listening queue during your runs.   


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