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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jul 29, 2021


Do you currently wear an insert or orthotic?  Have you been told you should be wearing an insole for running?  Do you have flat feet?  Do you get foot pain with running? Do you want to perform better as a runner?  These are all common problems I have helped runners with for the past 17 years as a running physical therapist and coach and I am excited to bring on Matt Arciuolo who is an expert in the field of all things foot and ankle!


Matt is a Board Certified Pedorthist and has been helping athletes recover from injuries for over 30 years. As Victory’s founder and inventor, he has been helping athletes stay healthier and perform up to their true potential."


In this episode, Matt shares his family lineage as Italian immigrant shoe makers and how that upbringing allowed him to come up with the idea to use carbon fiber for performance enhancement.  This invention helped the USA bobsled team win Olympic gold long before any of us runners ever thought about carbon fiber shoes!


Listen in to learn what Matt had to say about the following questions on carbon fiber:


  • What are carbon fiber insoles?
  • What is the difference between carbon fiber insoles like VKTRY and carbon fiber shoes?
  • What are the benefits of carbon fiber insoles?
  • Are there certain running related injuries that may respond best to carbon fiber insoles. Can these help plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon pain, and 1st toe joint arthritis?
  • Is there an arch type that responds best to carbon fiber insoles?   
  • Can carbon fiber insoles be used for road running and trail running?
  • Why should runners choose VK’s?


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