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Healthy Runner Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

How do we stay active and fit with COVID-19?...3 Tips I Learned This Past Week

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Let’s Add A SPARK To This Mayhem!👇

😧 "I feel so out of control and with all the chaos going on in my house" ... how do I stay fit without going to the gym?!" Have you thought this?

I know I have! Personally I’ve had this issue this past week trying to balance life, family, work, and staying active.

We all had big goals for 2020 and spring races, now that the plan has changed we can't let ourselves dip into a place we don't want to go!

Click this link to get the guidance you need to solve your fitness worries during this difficult time!

We are going to persevere together…and come out stronger 💪 on the other end of this TOGETHER.

Click this link to get the full show notes and Blog Post providing these 3 tips in the episode!

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