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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jan 9, 2021

Hip pain in runners is a common problem that Dr. Duane Scotti, host of the Healthy Runner podcast encounters and was one of the guest experts at the 2-Day Runner’s Rapid Recovery Summit hosted by Dr. Christopher Segler from Doc On The Run. 

This replay is a recording of his session on Hip Pain in Runners is one you won’t want to miss. Here is some of what we’re going to cover: 

The top 3 most common causes of hip pain in runners. 

What exactly is the labrum and how does it get injured in runners? 

How does joint laxity or hip instability contribute to hip injuries? 

What is the number one indication that somebody has a tear of the labrum and should seek medical attention before continuing to run? 

Are you a dedicated runner trying to get out of the injury cycle or a frustrated runner looking to get faster?  


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Part 1 video can be found on the Doc On The Run YouTube Channel here


Part 1 audio can be found on the Doc On The Run Podcast here.