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Healthy Runner Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

Are you starting to feel soreness in the back of your ankle with running? Does it feel stiff when you wake up in the morning or at the start of your run?


In this episode, We are uncovering the myths and providing you the latest research on how to get rid of your Achilles pain and get rid of it for good! 


Spoiler alert…you won’t need to stop running to start feeling better..


Don't forget to listen to Part 1 of this topic in Episode 60 of the Healthy Runner Podcast!


We cover the following in regards to treatment...

  • Can I run with Achilles Tendonitis?
  • Immediate Care for Achilles Tendonitis
  • Sub-Acute or Chronic Care for Achilles Tendonitis
  • Prevention of Achilles Tendonitis
  • Exercises to include in your recovery

Are you a dedicated runner trying to get out of the injury cycle or a frustrated runner looking to get faster?  


Get stronger, run faster, and become a lifelong injury free runner with our 16 week 1-on-1 Healthy Runner Coaching Program.  Get the support, structure, and accountability from experts in the health and running industry.  Personalized easy to follow plans tailored to your unique needs and busy life.


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