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Healthy Runner Podcast

Mar 4, 2021

Are you a new mom looking to get back into running? Are you wondering how your body can bounce back and how you can start running? Are you thinking - Can I even run after having a baby?

In this episode, Dr. Christine Pieton PT, DPT, MBA  is going to educate us on how you as a mother runner can get back the strength and confidence to return to running!

Dr. Christine Pieton, PT, DPT, MBA is a sport and women’s pelvic health physical therapist who specializes in running mechanics and postpartum return-to-sport recovery. She is passionate about helping her clients feel strong and confident from the inside out without pain, leaking or limitations. Dr. Christine truly believes all women deserve better guidance for their prenatal and postpartum journeys, and is on a mission to change the conversation from “I wish someone had told me” to “I’m so glad I knew…”. Dr. Christine is the owner of Pieton Physical Therapy in Santa Barbara, CA and the founder of “Mama Runs Wild” -  a free FB group that provides resources and pelvic health education to help guide women back to running postpartum with confidence.

Christine is going to answer some common questions like these:

  • How soon can I start running after giving birth? 
  • Can you exercise before 6 weeks postpartum?
  • What exercise can I do 6 weeks after birth?
  • Why do I leak when I run?

Here is Christine’s postpartum return to running checklist that she mentioned in this episode, feel free to grab a copy HERE


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