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Healthy Runner Podcast

Oct 21, 2021


Are you constantly suffering a running injury that causes you to stop running and then when you are starting to feel good again and start running you get another injury? 


Do you think you are old and slow and have never been an athlete so you wonder if you should even be trying to run?  


Do you think you can’t do hard stuff and your mind becomes the biggest challenge you must overcome so you can be a "runner"? 


Does it get hard to balance running with life…and those nagging injuries?


Do you want to become a faster runner?  Do you want to run a 10-minute mile or a 5k in under 30 minutes?


Well, I have just the right person for you to listen to because Tara is one of our Healthy Runner Coaching winners and she will share the struggles she was going through trying to run and balance life as a mom of 5 busy kids ages 7-14 and constantly getting injured. 


If you are struggling with constant injuries, stop and start run cycles, juggling being the best mom you can be, and wanting to run faster and you don’t want to give up, you will be able to gain some inspiration from Tara’s story so you can do it too (even if you have never been “skinny” “a runner” or an “athlete”)


Learn more about the program Tara went through in shaving 11 minutes off her half marathon time:


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