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Healthy Runner Podcast

Oct 28, 2021

How to PR your first Boston marathon may be something that sounds impossible!  That is what our Healthy Runner coach Lu did for the 2021 Boston marathon!  In this episode, coach Lu provides his reflective thoughts  and lessons learned from his amazing feat, crushing a sub 3 hour marathon personal best during his first Boston marathon.  

Coach Lu talks about the following topics and so much more in this value packed episode:

  • Race recap of the 2021 Boston marathon
  • Why is the Boston marathon such an historic race
  • What makes Boston special for so many runners
  • How to BQ or qualify for the Boston marathon
  • How to PR your first Boston
  • The most fun race course with the “scream tunnel” and “heartbreak hill”
  • Boston race preparation
  • Fueling for Boston
  • Boston race strategy
  • Benefits of run coaching
  • Strength training specific for the Boston course


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Resources mentioned in this Episode:

5 Minute Warm Up For Running:

Episode 72: What Pace Should I Run with Coach Lu


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