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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jun 24, 2021

Do you have a hot summer race coming up now that live races are back?

Would you like to know why you should pay extra attention to fueling and hydration when the temperature and dew point rises?

Did you ever think about how much water you lose while running?

Want to know what you should eat and drink before your long runs this summer?

Tune in to this episode and learn all about fueling and hydration for your summer race from Kayla Slater who is an online plant-based registered dietitian nutrition and run coach and founding owner of Plant Based Performance Nutrition and Run Coaching. 

In this episode, Kayla covers these common questions and so much more! 

  •   Why do we need to pay extra attention to fueling and hydration when the temperature rises?
  •   What should runners use as a gauge to determine if they need to alter their typical long run hydration plan for race day?
  •   How much water do you lose running?
  •   Is there a way to measure how much I sweat when running?  Is there a sweat rate calculator like we have pace calculators?
  •   What are your go to recommendations for what to eat before running a race or long run?
  •   What electrolytes do you need when running?  How much electrolytes do runners need?
  •   Best source of plant-based protein after a run?


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