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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jul 31, 2020

It is the dog days of summer 🥵 and we are currently running through the hottest part of the year and wanted to help you conquer running outside in the summer!

🤔 Have you every thought to yourself …what temperature is too hot to run? Or do you want to know how to prepare to run in hot weather and continue your training despite the high temperatures?

Then this episode is for you!! Stephanie Blozy is a former Meteorologist and owner of Fleet Feet West Hartford and was our special guest to drop some knowledge about running in the heat and humidity during the summer.

In this episode, Stephanie shares the answers to the following questions and then some!

Why is it so hard to run in the heat?

Is it dangerous to run in extreme heat?

What are the benefits of running in hot weather?

How do you prepare to run in hot weather?

What do you wear to run in hot weather?


I hope you enjoy the interview!  Thank you for watching.


This is a jam packed episode with many actionable tips for your summer runs, I hope you enjoy the episode and as always thank you for listening!

Connect with Stephanie at Fleet Feet in West Hartford:

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