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Healthy Runner Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

Have you been injured and thought to yourself...I should just stop running?


As an injured runner you may have been told to stop running and rest in order to get rid of your pain.


Well meaning doctors are just trying to make you feel better and get rid of your running injury.  However, this could be a recipe for preventing you from getting back to the sport you love!


In this episode I will break down 3 reasons to not stop running when you have a running injury.


Wondering what those are?  Tune into the episode and learn why and how I help runners heal from their injuries without being told to stop running!


If you are still worried that you may do more damage continuing to run with an injury, click this previously published blog article to learn about the 4 serious running injuries to never push through that will require you to stop running. 

Are you a dedicated runner trying to get out of the injury cycle or a frustrated runner looking to get faster?  


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