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Healthy Runner Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

Are you a runner who has had your spring race cancelled or delayed and you are struggling to get your running mojo back?

In this episode we are talking about how to run and train safely during this COVID-19 crisis with our Special Guest, Steve Carmichael who is founder of Runbuzz Pacebuilders online run coaching and running community as well as the host of the Runbuzz podcast.

In this episode within the Healthy Runner Facebook Group, Steve shares running tips for the following questions:

1. What are some things runners can or should be doing to continue to train in a safe manner?

2. What are some things runners can work on if their race has been cancelled or delayed? How can runners adjust to the situation we find ourselves in?

3. How can we stay motivated to run when many of us find so much disruption in our lives from being physically isolated or job loss.


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