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Healthy Runner Podcast

Nov 27, 2020

Are you a fair-weather runner?  Are you wondering how to run in the winter?  Is it bad for you to run in the cold?

Are you wondering what to wear when running in the cold?

In this episode, we learn about how to stay healthy and running through the winter and during COVID-19 with run coach Mary Johnson from Lift Run Perform.

Mary is a run coach who helps runners embrace & find joy in the process and has a passion for helping runners stay strong so they can run faster and perform better!

Mary and I chat about tips for running in the cold so we can stay healthy this winter and still be able to run despite the cold temperatures and the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are just some of the questions that were answered during this episode:

  • How have you been doing during this crazy time of COVID 2020?  How have you modified your running or the running plans of the clients you work with?
  • Is it bad for you to run in the cold?
  • What should we wear when running in the cold?
  • What are some winter running shoes?
  • Is winter a good time to strength train?
  • What is plyometric training for runners?
  • How can runners stay motivated when it is dark and cold outside?

Learn how to dress for the cold:

Connect with Mary at Lift Run Perform:

Check out his amazing resource here:

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