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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jul 4, 2020

You don't have tight hamstrings...and if you do it is not the reason why you have hamstring pain!

We flip the roles for today’s episode. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Strength Running Podcast and had the opportunity to share my knowledge on hamstring tendon pain (butt pain).

In this episode we get down to the root cause of hamstring injuries, how to strength them, prevention advice, as well as dispel some common myths about rehabbing hamstring injuries.

Duane and Jason also talk about:

• Why runners with hamstring issues should think twice about pool running

• Can heavy shoes impact your hamstring health?

• The most effective hamstring exercises for runners

• When runners can use NSAIDS and when to avoid them

This deep dive episode on high hamstring tendon pain will provide you the knowledge to begin to train smarter and prevent your hamstring pain from coming back!

I hope you enjoy the episode and as always thank you for listening!

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