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Healthy Runner Podcast

Dec 2, 2021

EPISODE 100 is here! This week we are turning the tables and our behind the scenes podcast editor Allie Eldridge takes to the mic to interview the one and only, founder of SPARK Healthy Runner, Dr. Duane Scotti! 


We are so excited to have Duane on the other side of the mic to tell his story of how he started running, how SPARK Healthy Runner has become what it is, and where he sees it in the coming years! 


Duane will discuss the following questions and questions and more! 

  • What made Duane start his own business
  • Why Duane Started Running
  • Why Duane started the podcast!
  • How Duane became a run coach
  • What Duane's accomplishments and setbacks have been
  • Where Duane sees the company in the next 5 years


We hope that you enjoyed this episode! Thank you so much for our dedicated listeners who have been there since the beginning and for supporting us to episode 100 as well as a big thank you to our new listeners jumping on for the ride! Here's to 100 more!


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