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Healthy Runner Podcast

Dec 29, 2022

Running isn’t a battle of the sexes and there are some unique differences between female and male runners.  If you are a mother runner out there who wants to tap into your strength and manage the unique challenges you may face as a female runner then this is the episode for you!


Running and the gender differences is...

Dec 22, 2022


Which type of back pain do you have?  Wondering if you should stop running or if running is making it worse? 


I am going to share with you the steps you need to take to identify which of the 5 different types of low back pain you have, so you get back to running and spend less time and money at the doctor’s...

Dec 15, 2022

Have you struggled to keep your feet healthy as a runner?  Do you want to know what it is like to run 100 miles or if you are thinking about making the jump to ultra running then this is the podcast for you!


Zach Bitter is an ultramarathon athlete, coach, and podcast host.  He shares his best training, recovery, and...

Dec 8, 2022


Are you a runner who can’t stop eating or craving sugar?


Do you go all day being "good" and then all hell breaks loose at night, and you can't stop yourself? 


Are you thinking about food constantly and then you are disappointed in yourself that you have terrible willpower?


Our Healthy Runner...