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Healthy Runner Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

Coach LaToya is no stranger to the podcast!  She is one of our Healthy Runner Coaches who helps many of our athletes crush their half marathon or marathon goals! 


In this deep dive training, Coach LaToya shares her insight into why tapering before a race is so important and how you can properly taper for your marathon or half marathon without getting the taper tantrums!


LaToya answers the following questions in this episode and so much more!:

  • Should you taper before a race?
  • Why is tapering important?
  • Do you lose fitness when tapering?
  • How many weeks before a race should you taper?
  • How do you properly taper for your marathon?
  • How do you properly taper for your half marathon?
  • What should I eat during taper week?


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Are you struggling to put all the pieces together and just can’t stay healthy?  Trying to get stronger as a runner but just throwing random exercises at the wall and don’t have the structure or consistency you need in your training.  Well we have a solution for you….


In our Team Healthy Runner Coaching program LaToya and the rest of our coaching team works with you 1:1 to provide you the structure and take the guesswork out of your strength program and run plan & then you get the support from our whole coaching team and all our athletes to keep you motivated to become a lifelong injury free runner!


If you are ready to take your running and health seriously and finally put all the pieces together like all our athletes have done this past training cycle then just jump on a strategy call with me to see if you are a good fit to work with coach LaToya or any of the coaches on our team to crush your running goal and become lifelong injury free runner!


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As always, thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed the episode!

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