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Healthy Runner Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

Have you ever been frustrated with the lack of stylish running clothes out there?  Does everything just look too plain and boring?  


Do you just want to look cute, feel good and enjoy wearing your running clothes even when you're not even running?


Well, this is one episode you will want to listen to because I had the pleasure of chatting with this mother runner, fashionista, marathoner, and amazing person behind the Stiletto Running brand!


Shana will share with you how she became a runner in her 40’s, how she shaved an amazing 38 minutes off her marathon time to run a 3:49 time and qualify for Boston, and grew an amazing running clothing company for women.  


We also chat about the struggles she has faced as a runner whether it was getting a BQ by a comfortable margin just to have it taken away by last years historical 7:47 record cutoff or struggling with a running injury and having to undergo a major medical surgery.


I know this chat is going to be super inspiring for those “master runners” who are doubting that you can accomplish that big running goal. 


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Connect with Shana at Stiletto Running:

Instagram: @stilettorunning 




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