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Healthy Runner Podcast

May 14, 2020

Does adding yoga into your running make you a faster runner?


Rachel Pelham Serafino is a yoga instructor at Running Asana and shares the answers to these common questions as well as breaks down the physical 💪 and mental 🧠 benefits that you will see as a runner.


Finally she gives us as runners tips on how we can balance ☯️ yoga with our running.


These are the questions Rachel addresses during the interview:


1. Isn't yoga just stretching? [I already do that and I don't have time for more] What is Yoga?


2. Is yoga good for running? What are the physical and mental benefits that I'll see as a runner?


3. Does yoga help you run faster?


4. There's so many types of yoga, it's overwhelming. How do I know what type of yoga is best for runners?


5. How do I balance yoga and running?


I hope you enjoy the episode and thank you for listening!


Connect with Rachel at Running Asana:



Facebook: Running Asana

Facebook Group: Running Asana Community

Instagram: @rachelruns_xo @running_asana


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