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Healthy Runner Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

Did you just run a race?  Did it feel euphoric? It could have been a marathon, a half marathon, or a 5k and it was the climax of your training!  It was the moment you had circled on your calendar and the moment that kept you motivated to get in those hard training runs and workouts that you didn’t want to do sometimes.  You have dedicated a significant part of your life to this race and now that the milestone has passed, you are left wondering.. now what?

In this episode we will be talking about how to stay motivated after you've completed your goal race! We will discuss strategies we can use to continue our healthy habit and move forward in becoming a lifelong injury free runner and preventing the post-race blues. 

In this episode, I will share 10 tips to get back the motivation to just keep running even after your big goal race has been completed!

I also share my post race weekend reflection about how I ran my fastest half marathon in 5 years (and 15 tries) and the wins of many of our Healthy Runner coaching athletes whether they ran Hartford, Chicago, or Boston!

If you're looking for information on how to recover from a race check out episode 38 on the Healthy Runner Podcast for a deep dive! Click the link below!

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As always, thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed the episode!

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