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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

Do you get that stubborn pain at the top of your hamstring right where it connects to your "sit bone"? This could be a dull achy pain that gets worse after your runs or sitting for a long period of time during your work day or a long car ride.


Have you thought…will it ever go away?


Have you tried rest, ice, and stopping running but every time you try and go back that pain just doesn't go away?


SPARK Healthy Runner is located in the Greater New Haven region in Hamden, CT and wanted to help you as a runner become stronger with specific strength training on how to fix hamstring tendon pain.

In this episode Dr. Duane Scotti talks about what you need to know about Hamstring pain in runners.

1. What is high hamstring tendonitis or butt pain in runners?

2. Why you shouldn't be stretching your hamstrings!

3. The best exercises for your hamstrings to help your body be more resilient with your running and prevent future injuries.

Click here for the Definitive Hamstring Guide for Runners with all the bonus videos we talked about in this episode:


Click here for the LIVE video of this episode showing you the anatomy that we talked about during the episode:


Get more info on soft tissue care for runners here:


How to foam roll your hamstrings:


Loading exercises for your hamstrings (single leg bridge and nordic hamstring curl):


More loading and progression exercises for hamstring strengthening:


Are you a dedicated runner trying to get out of the injury cycle or a frustrated runner looking to get faster?  


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