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Healthy Runner Podcast

Nov 4, 2021


We have a very special guest with us today.  Dr. Stefanie Flippin is not only a true expert in the foot and ankle working as a surgeon, clinician, and practice owner but she also a professional ultrarunner for HOKA, run coach, and the 2021 USATF 100 mile national champion and course record holder!


This conversation was such a treat as Stefanie may be one of the most positive spirits out there but I just loved her outlook on running injuries and our running community.


In this episode, Stefanie shares her passion and 5 key takeaway points to overcoming foot and ankle pain as a runner!


  1.     No patient should be treated the same
  2.     Find the right shoe! 
  3.     Importance of active stretching and mobility routines 
  4.     Address proximal issues (hip muscles and even the mental aspect of overcoming an injury)
  5.     The power of belief and its impact on healing and pain management


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