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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jan 28, 2021

Meet the Healthy Runner coaching team to share our half marathon training tips to get your running SPARK back in 2021!

In this episode, 

We have Coaches Cat Aniballi, LaToya Felton, Lu Zou, and Whitney LaCombe to answer some common half marathon questions as well as what they love best about training for a half marathon.  

Here are some of the questions that were answered during this fun and interactive chat:

  • How long do you need to train for a half marathon?
  • How many days a week should I run for half marathon training?
  • Can I run a half marathon if I can run 6 miles?
  • Is it hard to train for a half marathon?
  • Can you lose weight while training for a half marathon?
  • How do I run my first half marathon?

We also answered some common questions about the NEW Healthy Runner Half Marathon program and shared some extra perks about the program.  



Connect with our Healthy Runner Coaching Team: 

Facebook Community: Healthy Runner 


      LaToya: @llf423

      Cat: @hookoffthejab

      Lu: @lucio_run_fitness

      Whitney: @runwhitrun2

Are you a dedicated runner trying to get out of the injury cycle or a frustrated runner looking to get faster?  


Get stronger, run faster, and become a lifelong injury free runner with our 16 week 1-on-1 Healthy Runner Coaching Program.  Get the support, structure, and accountability from experts in the health and running industry.  Personalized easy to follow plans tailored to your unique needs and busy life.


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