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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

Have you wondered how some runners could just turn on that switch during a race to take it to the next level?


Have you struggled with finding your mental toughness during your races?


Do you have an upcoming marathon and want to learn about some mental running strategies?


Then you are in the right place with sub 3 hour marathoner Paul Devillo who shared some great actionable strategies for you to take into your next marathon!


Paul is a well accomplished masters marathon runner who only started running in his 40’s!


In this episode, Paul covers race preparation and tips you can implement during different stages of your race to improve your mental fortitude and hit that PR you always wanted!


Some of the questions, I asked Paul were:

  • How much of a marathon is mental?


  • What does it take mentally to run a marathon?


  • How do you mentally prepare for a marathon?


  • How do you push yourself past your limits during a marathon? (any mental secrets or tips you have for our listeners)


  • How has your training changed since you turned 50?


Additional content relating to mindset can be found in Episode 55- The Mental Side of Running with Coaches Whitney and Cat


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