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Healthy Runner Podcast

Jun 18, 2020

Why do I keep getting injured running?  Have you wondered this before or want to know how running injuries can be prevented? 


Extremely grateful to have running coach Jason Fitzgerald from Strength Running on the show to provide you a coach's perspective on injury prevention.  Jason shares a wealth of knowledge answering the following questions and he even shared his #1 top exercise for injury prevention!


1. How do you define injury prevention for running?


2. Why do you think it is important for runners to prioritize injury prevention into their training?


3. Where does strength training for runners fit into the injury prevention picture?


4. How many times a week should a runner do strength training?


5. What are some of your favorite running injury prevention exercises?


6. Do you have any strength training workouts specific to trail running or are the strength programs you create and recommend the same as our road runners?


7. How much does running technique contribute to injury prevention and do you work on these with the runners you work with on a 1-on-1 basis. If so, what are your thoughts on gait retraining with running?


This is jam packed episode with many golden nuggets revealed, I hope you enjoy the episode and as always thank you for listening!


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SPARK Physical Therapy is located in the Greater New Haven region in Hamden, CT.  This episode in addition to the previous podcast episodes can serve as a guide to keeping you healthy and running!


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