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Healthy Runner Podcast

May 28, 2020

How can you turn COVID on its head? 🤔…


Have you been struggling to get your motivation back to be consistent for your runs?


Have you been running because you need that stress relief (and time away from your kids) but you are running through pain?…


In this episode, we are going to be sharing with you 2 actionable strategies you can do to help you run through COVID and turn it on its head even if our in person races are cancelled!...AND if you stay until the end you will hear A VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on how we are going to help our local running community!!!


We talk about the details of the...


1. SPARK Fitness Program providing strength training for runners during COVID


2. SPARK your Sole Virtual Race Series to keep you motivated and running this summer


Lisa Tatum is a runner, triathlete, and a 4x ironman!!!!  She is also the owner of Lift Your Sole- which provides running, fitness and inspirational jewelry, clothing, and accessories.


Lisa and I cover how we as runners can stay motivated this summer to continue our runs even if we don't have in person races. 

Want in on our last month of SPARK Fitness goodness to get stronger and healthier in June? 

simply text “SPARK FITNESS” to (203) 376-6514


Click here to get the full blog article from this episode!


I hope you enjoy the episode and thank you for listening!


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Get stronger, run faster, and become a lifelong injury free runner with our 16 week 1-on-1 Healthy Runner Coaching Program.  Get the support, structure, and accountability from experts in the health and running industry.  Personalized easy to follow plans tailored to your unique needs and busy life.


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