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Healthy Runner Podcast

Dec 10, 2020

Should a Garmin watch be added to your holiday list?

Today we have Stephanie Schultz, and Joe Heikes from Garmin to help educate us all about their products that help runners log all those miles this winter!

Are you wondering…

Are running watches worth it? What is the best watch for running? What to look for in a running watch? What does Garmin watch do? What is Garmin connect? What Garmin is best for running?

In this episode, 

Stephanie and Joe are going to share with us some tips for improving your running by tracking your runs and workouts with Garmin watches and deciding what watch may be best for your needs.

They also cover the answers to the following questions:

  • Are running watches worth it?  What are the benefits of running watches?
  • What is the story behind Garmin?  How was the company founded?
  • Can you please give us the overall framework of the different Garmin products?
  • What does a Garmin watch do?
  • What is the best watch for running?  What Garmin is best for running?
  • How long do Garmin batteries last?
  • How many years do Garmin watches last?
  • Many of us are already using your watches, what are the special features that we probably are not aware of so we can take full advantage of its capabilities?

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